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Medical Exams for MMA Fighters-how to handle the high cost!

If you’re an MMA fighter, promoter or work for your state’s Athletic Commission, chances are you’ve had medical report issues that may have delayed, or even prevented, a scheduled fight. Such delays can be costly to everyone involved – not just in terms of money, but time, resources, current effort, stress, credibility and more.

The answer? According to Jan Hubbard, the creation and maintenance of a national database of fighter medical information, easily available to members with paid access, including fighters and their representatives, state commissions and promoters. In fact, Hubbard, who used to maintain just such a database for the now defunct IFL, has developed just such a program, through MedLic, LLC, where Hubbard serves as CEO and founder.

According to their website: “MedLic, LLC is the original Medical Record Database Company assisting both amateur and professional fighters in the boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts sports industry. MedLic was founded in mid-2008 by a team of experts who work in the industry and recognized the need in assisting amateur and professional combative fighters in obtaining their license to compete. In doing so, MedLic has enabled all fighters, sports medicine doctors and all U.S. Territories, North American Tribal Commissions and Canadian Athletic Commissions to have access to a centralized records database to help expedite licensing procedures.”

This is a unique and valuable concept that has been sorely needed!  It also raises the question of not just legitimacy in medical reports, but the need for consistency in medical requirements from state to state.

Click here to finish reading the article...
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Written by James Ryan   

MMA Referee Yves Lavigne Says Dealing with Criticism "Part of the Job"

Yves Lavigne
“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”—Albert Einstein

After UFC 115, many fans were up in arms over the fact that Yves Lavigne had apparently “screwed up big time,” when he prematurely (and non-deliberately) stopped the fight between Matt Wiman and Mac Danzig.

Wiman had Danzig in a guillotine choke, and Lavigne called a stoppage to the fight in the first round, despite the fact that Danzig had not submitted, and was apparently still conscious after the two fighters were separated.

As a result, many fans were calling Lavigne the “worst” referee in all of Mixed Martial Arts (after Steve Mazzagatti, of course—not my personal opinion—just summarizing the general consensus across the internet).

Oh well, such is the life of a referee—and any referee will tell you that dealing with criticism is just a part of the job.

“Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them, and you have their shoes.”—Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

Just to be clear on the differences—sympathy is when you feel sorry for someone, and empathy is when you can relate to a particular person because you have likely been through very similar experiences in your life.

How many of Lavigne’s critics can honestly say that they know first-hand what it is like to be in his position?

I’m gonna guess—not too many (including, yours truly).

It’s easy to criticize a referee (and sometimes lots of fun), particularly an MMA referee, because the majority of the fans are completely incapable of relating to them and the difficult balance of stress and responsibility that they so willingly accept.

For myself—the reason why I don’t generally sympathize with referees is because, as far as I’m concerned, they knew exactly what they were getting into when they first decided to become referees. If anything, I just wish that more of them would be willing to accept greater accountability for their bad decisions and occasional poor judgment.

I find it difficult to empathize with referees because I have never been a referee—although the thought has certainly crossed my mind once or twice.

As thick as I would like to think that my own skin is, I’m still not entirely sure that it is thick enough to be an MMA referee. It’s hard enough being a Freelance MMA Sportswriter (it is a fact, that Brock Lesnar would easily destroy Shane Carwin and Fedor Emelianenko at the exact same time—bring it on, fight fans!).

I had to know for myself—does Yves Lavigne really have skin as thick as an alligator, or does he just have a special way of dealing with his critics that is better than most?

Perhaps as a writer, I could learn a thing or two from Mr. Lavigne about dealing with negativity.

Perhaps we all could.

To read, rate and comment on James Ryan's awesome interview of Yves Lavigne, please click the "READ RYAN'S INTERVIEW OF LAVIGNE HERE" link below!

Last Updated on Sunday, 04 July 2010 02:44

Did Kim Winslow take too long to stop the Cyborg vs. Cuddles Finney Fight?

I know that a lot of people think the fight between Cyborg and Cuddles should have been stopped sooner, and many of them are saying it's not because it was a girl fight. Very noble, however, I think that's exactly what the problem is, and why people are in an uproar. In my opinion, the ref did fine actually!

I was cringing at times during this fight myself, but then I cringe when a man gets pummeled. If you look at some of the male fights out there, there are plenty of times when one fighter pummels the other, but the fight's not stopped until the conditions call for it.

The MMA Unified Rules of Conduct make it pretty clear that the fight goes on: if they defend themselves, which Jan did; if they don't tap, which Jan didn't; and if they're coherent, which Jan was. Pretty much the fight goes on until one of those things happens, or the ref calls it...which Kim Winslow finally did.

Was I freaking out, yelling at Finney to do something and to fight back from the minute the bell sounded to the end? You betcha'. But if you're hired to fight as a professional, then you should expect to be treated like one, not like an ammy at her first fight in the ring.

Understand this: the ref's not going to call the fight just because one of the combatants is getting whipped UNTIL one of those things occurs, ESPECIALLY since this was a Championship, nationally-televised bout, that Finney signed up for! Look folks, Finney wanted this fight. She knew win, lose or draw, she was up against a beast in Cyborg. She talked the big talk, because that's what fighters do.

Last Updated on Monday, 28 June 2010 19:35
Click here to read the rest and then comment!

Dana White: MMA ref Kevin Dornan makes the right call in Condit vs MacDonald stoppage

In a hotly debated referee decision Saturday night at UFC 115, Carlos Condit loosed his fury and pent up frustration from being unable to fight for so long onto Rory MacDonald with some furious punches, hammerfists – and even some elbows, to defeat MacDonald by referee stoppage.

“In that third round, I just came out guns blazing and caught him, and I don’t think he ever really recovered from that,” said Condit. “I was able to implement my top game and really do a lot of damage with elbows and standing-to-ground punches” adding: “I really just put the pressure on him because I knew I was probably down two rounds; I wasn’t too keen on losing a decision.”

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 June 2010 15:19
Read Dana's comments here
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For more info, go to the World Grappling Circuit website.

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