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ELITE MMA Referee School

Gotta' go with fighter safety. A loss can be avenged. Brain damage cannot be reversed.




Endorsement by Newly Certified Referee and ELITE MMA Referee: Kent Maichle!

"Michael... wanted to give you an update on my journey and a big thanks for the knowledge you make available to people at a great price. Picture of Kent Maichle Courtesy of Adam Sandoval from Combat USA

This year Wisconsin became the 43rd state to regulate MMA.  9/1 the regulations took effect, and tomorrow night Combat USA will be hosting the first State officiated show in Green Bay.  I will be participating in the show as a shadow to the Inspectors, located in one of the locker rooms, viewing hand wraps, initialing water bottles etc.  I'm excited to be part of this historic weekend in Wisconsin.

As a Black Belt in Karate and 4 years experience in BJJ I was very interestd in supported MMA in WI.  I spoke with my politicians to pass the bill, and shortly after was given the opportunity to attend a Ref/Judging course in Milwaukee.  This was hosted by Herb Dean and Sal D'Amato at Duke Roufus' Gym.

Leading up to the Judge/Ref Exam I wanted to take my knowledge to the next level, so I enrolled in your Elite MMA Online Workshop.  I CRUSHED through the material in less than 8 days trying to prepare, and go from avid fan to educated professional.

Recently I received communication and certificates from Herb Dean informing me that I passed both the Referee and Judge exams.  I've also become aware that less than 40% of the attendees were able to pass the examI DIRECTLY associate my readiness to the material covered in your online resources and wanted to send a big thank you for helping me achieve my goals!

Thanks again for doing what you do,
Kent Maichle"

Director's note:  We’d like to thank Kent for his awesome letter and let him know how thrilled we are to have him as a graduating student! And did we mention that we're honored he's a part of ELITE MMA Referees?! We'd like to think Kent couldn't have made it without us, but the truth is, he worked hard, studied the material, and finished his Quizzes and Final Exam in record we weren't surprised to learn he'd passed and gotten Certified! We asked Kent to share a bit of his experiences during his first ref'ing gig. To read what he had to say, please go here!


Endorsement by ELITE MMA Referee: Jeff Wagner

"Dear Katrina:  Just a note to let you know I took the judges training you offer at and it is better than many who do these in person.

I am also helping our state legislature write MMA laws based in NJ unified regs and part of the legislation is regulation/approval of judges, refs, etc.

I am recommending to the Michigan state house committee currently reviewing this legislation that your program be added to the list of approved courses for the AC to certify judges. I am working hard here in MI to bring the level of MMA up and ensure improvements are implemented. Dan Severn and I have been very active together doing this, so we hope things will be better soon.

I told Aaron Richman how pleased I was with the course and I may make it an integral part of my own classes as a contigency to get 2nd or maybe 3rd degree blackbelt. Thanks - Jeff Wagner"



Endorsement by the Black Dragon: Ron Van Clief

ELITE MMA Referees was honored to have Grand Master Ron Van Clief as one of our students. He recently completed the ELITE MMA Referee Workshop course and obtained his Certificate of Completion. Here's what he had to say about his experience and the training:

"Katrina, Thanks again for everything... ELITE MMA REFEREE WORKSHOP IS A MUST FOR ANYONE WANTING TO REFEREE MMA MATCHES. Thoughful presentation of must-know data in an online format. I learned what a referee should be. ELITE MMA REFEREE WORKSHOP sets the standard for 2010 and beyond. Thank you Katrina for all your effort and dedication to MMA...I feel you! Ron"

Wow - high praise from Master Ron Van Clief indeed! For the two of you who have not heard of Ron Van Clief, per his website: "Grand Master Ron Van Clief has trained and taught Martial Arts well over 40 years. He has appeared internationally on television and radio demonstrating his art, as well as at many colleges and universities lecturing and presenting the Ron Van Clief 101 curriculum. He holds a black belt or the equivalent in Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Aiki-Jitsu, Kung-Fu, Arnis de Mano and Zen Jutsu. Further he is a master of the Sword, Sai, Nunchaku and other martial arts weapons."

If that wasn't enough, "In 1994 he fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship IV, at the age of 51, against the undefeated Champion Joyce Gracie. Grandmaster Ron Van Clief competed in many brutal full contact matches in Asia to prove his systems effectiveness to the world of Martial Arts." To date, he has been the only person to fight at the age of 51 years. Incredible. Take a look - this gentlemen has always been ahead of his time:

His accomplishments are numerous; to read more, please go here. You'll see that Master Van Clief is still highly involved in martial arts and MMA. Here he is sparring at 60...and you don't need to ask who wins, right? ;-D

We are thrilled to have Master Van Clief as a graduating student and honored ELITE MMA Referee. If you're ready to get started on your own MMA referee career, Please Go Here!


Gary Wimsett, Jr., Contributor to Five Ounces of Pain, MMA Sphere, and WAMMA Female Rankings Board Member

"This program provides a comprehensive, user-friendly educational experience for aspiring MMA referrees. Laid out in logical, step-by-step sections, the course takes you through the exciting world of mixed-martial arts with a sense of purpose and a sense of humor. I enjoyed each and every lesson and felt very prepared for each quiz. As an MMA writer and industry observer, I took the course to enhance my understanding of some of the more technical aspects of the sport. I'm glad I did. My writing is better and my enjoyment of the sport has increased exponentially."

(Gary Wimsett is is an attorney in private practice and focuses on complex transactions and appellate advocacy with the Wimsett Law Firm in Florida. He also is engaged in brand development/marketing and the promotion of elite athletes and entertainment professionals. He is a close observer of MMA news and industry trends with an emphasis on the business side of this growing sport.)


Fitz Koehler, Fitness Director for the International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA)

Fitz Koehler, Fitness Director for the ISKA

"If you are a fight fanatic, former fighter or trainer who loves MMA enough to jump right in to the midst of it, then ELITE MMA Referee's ONLINE MMA Referee Training Workshop is for you. You may think you know it all now, but in order to allow every event, fight and fighter the opportunity to be successful a lot has to happen. Think you have what it takes? Love the sport enough to study the finer details? If so...sign up today! Fitz"

(Fitz Koehler has a Master's Degree in Exercise & Sports Sciences from the University of Florida, and has been teaching Fitzness for around the globe for 20 years. She's taught in Russia, Finland, Switzerland and a dozen other countries in between. With her competitive Full-Contact Kickboxing background, she serves as the Fitness Director for the International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA), a sanctioning body for many MMA fight events. Fitz has hosted both television and radio fitness shows as well. ELITE MMA Referees was honored to have Fitz take our online course and we'd like to thank her for such kind words. Oh - and it's no surprise that she passed with flying colors! To learn more about this exceptional lady, please go HERE.)


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