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Yves Lavigne: He Never Re-Started the Fight

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Yves Lavigne: He Never Re-Started the Fight


Everyone had just gotten over Yves Lavigne's previous controversial stoppage at UFC 96 in March, where he repeatedly hesitated in stopping the Matt Brown-Pete Sell fight. Some say he only stepped in to stop that fight after Sell had obviously taken far more punishment than was necessary. In comments after the March event, Lavigne apologized for the Brown-Sell stoppage, admitting he had failed to act properly, and allowed Sell to "take a beating for nothing." Once again, it's nice to see a representative of this sport man-up to his mistakes.


Enter the cage at UFC 98:  Kyle Bradley vs. Phillipe Nover. We all make mistakes. The difference is in if we admit them and move on, or continue to deny, deny, deny. Lavigne has never denied his late stoppage in the Sell/Brown fight, but what about this one? Was he really wrong as some people are saying, or was he protecting the fighter and himself?  You decide - re-watch the fight CLOSELY. Looks to us here at ELITE MMA Referees like Yves made the right move and did what he should have to protect the fighter and himself. And no matter what the fans want - that is his job.


In an interview with Loretta Hunt of fame, he has stated he "has no qualms with his decision to stop a lightweight bout between Kyle Bradley and Phillipe Nover last Saturday at UFC 98 in Las Vegas."


"It was the toughest one to call, because you don’t see the face of the guy receiving the punch,” Lavigne told Wednesday. “You have to look with the body, so basically, I based my judgment on Mr. Nover’s reaction. When he went face-first in the mat with his arms behind him, I decided to stop the fight.”


“I know it looks bad. I know some people on the Internet said I re-start[ed] that fight,” said Lavigne. “I never re-start[ed] that fight. I didn’t want to receive a kick in the face and get knocked out. When the fighter doesn’t really comply, what am I supposed to do? I think the step back was the best way in order to stop the fight.” 


Both Dana White and Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer have come out publicly and supported Lavigne’s actions in that fight.  Additionally, "There has been no indication that Nover will try to appeal the referee’s decision."


To read more, go here: Loretta Hunt Interview.


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