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MMA Terms and Definitions

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MMA Terms and Definitions

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A person who engages in some MMA for the pleasure of it rather than for money; a nonprofessional; specifically, a fighter who is forbidden by rule to profit from athletic activity.

Abbreviation for Amateur.

Any fighter, competitor, or participant.

Abbreviation for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

A contest between antagonists; an MMA match.

Any recognized state, provincial, tribal or city authority designated by state law to oversee and administer all combative sports within their respective jurisdictions.

Corner personnel
Individuals who assist and advise the MMA fighter during an event; individuals who are in the fighter’s “corner”.

Cut man
Person responsible for preventing and treating physical damage to a fighter during the breaks between rounds of a full contact match.

The judges’ conclusion, declaration, verdict, ruling with respect to the end result of the fight match.

Preventing someone from participating in a match by finding them unqualified.

A fight that ends in a tie; a stalemate: the fight ended in a draw.

An organized MMA activity event.

To surrender; to lose as a forfeit.

Not according to the rules of a game; unfair, by either accident or intention.

Illegal techniques
Techniques, such as eye gouging, crotch striking and so on are considered illegal. An opponent will usually be disqualified for using illegal techniques.

A victory in MMA in which one’s opponent is unable to rise from the canvas based on the ref’s judgement after being knocked down or is judged too injured to continue.

Mixed Martial Arts.

Point Penalty
The punishment, handicap, or loss of advantage imposed on a fight opponent or competitor for infraction of a rule. Usually at least one point is removed from opponent’s score.

Any of the timed periods of a fight; a round is now generally limited to three minutes for non-championship fights and five minutes for championship fights, with the interval between rounds to one minute.

No Contest
A common decision after a "Close" bout protest. Usually selected if the review shows that there really was no dominating winner of the majority of rounds, or when the bout is too close to call and the Reviewing Officials cannot select a clear winner but the majority agree that the "Announced" winner did not do enough to win the bout.

To come to a standstill; an action that is intended to cause or actually causes delay, such as hanging on one’s opponent.

Stand-up rule
This is where the referee can stand fighters up if it is perceived both are resting on the ground or are not advancing toward a dominant position.

Unified Mixed Martial Arts Rules.

Hand wraps are worn by fighters under their MMA gloves in order to provide additional protection and support for their hands, knuckles and wrists.

Technical Knock Out
A victory won when the opponent, though not knocked out, is so badly hurt that the referee stops the match.

A Judo fighting technique of “throwing” one’s opponent to the ground.

Abbreviation for Technical Knock Out.



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