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Australian Sports Commission now offers an Online Officiating Course!

ELITE MMA Referee School

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Aussie Sports CommissionAustralian Sports Commission now offers an Online Officiating Course!

You heard it right - in an effort to ensure their sports officials are properly trained, Australia has now begun offering an online officiating course to their residents! Take a look here.

It appears to be designed similarly to the course offered by ELITE MMA Referees. Per the Australian Sports Commission:  "The course contains three modules, which cover a range of general officiating topics, including ethical responsibilities of officials, preparation for officiating, safety, communication, dealing with conflict and people management. The course takes approximately four hours to complete, and there is assessment included within the course. Officials have six months to complete the course after they register."

Like the Aussie course, our Workshop contains training modules as well. The EMMAR course includes 10 modules in the Referee Course and 11 modules in the Judge's course, all of which provide training in general officiating topics; ethics; safety; communication; event safety and preparations; fouls, injuries and fight income and more.

You know the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers does it. MIT does it (yeah...the Massachusetts Institute of Technology...THAT MIT!), even MixedMartialArt.comdoes it. We at ELITE MMA Referees do it too! We have long thought there to be a lot of value in learning via the Internet. Through our online MMA Referee training and MMA judge's courses, you can learn the basic rules and regulations of MMA. There's really no difference if you physically go to a workshop, or learn the basics online...what you need to learn is the same, and the information is the same.

By taking our course, can you learn how to step in between two fighters as the bell rings at the end of a round, or which side you should be standing on to view the fight you're ref'ing? No - but that sort of thing is hard to teach even if you take a workshop in person, over the period of one or two days. Believe it or not, one day won't make that much difference! Pretty much that sort of knowledge comes with experience. Most athletic commissions will require you shadow licensed ref's or judges, and that you work at amateur shows, in order to gain that type of necessary experience. And that type of shadowing and training is recommended throughout the EMMAR Workshop.

But that's not what this course is all about, nor is the one offered by the Australian Sports Commission. Our online courses have been designed to give students an overview and introduction to the laws, regulations, ethics and best practices of MMA. It's been designed to teach our students, the rules and regulations of an MMA fight.

Most of our students either train or have trained in at least one or more of the martial arts systems that make up MMA, so the combination of our workshop, and their hands-on training, can help to prepare them to step into the ring or up to the judge's table and officiate MMA fights. Some of our students have never trained in martial arts at all, but are MMA fans who just want to learn how MMA works and what the rules are...and that's okay too! They won't become ref's or judge's, but they can use that knowledge for personal reasons...or to show off to their friends.

And I don't know about you, but we figure if an online training course for ring officials is good enough for an entire country, like Australia, then it's good enough for...well, an entire country, like America! Of course - we started it first. To get started in ref'ing or judging MMA fights, go
here to learn more and get started today!. ;-D

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