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Dana White on Refereeing and Judging in MMA

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Gotta' go with fighter safety. A loss can be avenged. Brain damage cannot be reversed.



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Dana White on Refereeing and Judging in MMA

Recently, UFC® President Dana White shared his views on Refereeing and Judging in MMA:

"One of the big problems that we have is judging and reffing," said White. "It's one of the things that drives me crazy and attention needs to be paid to scoring and ref'ing."

Agreed.  That's the whole reason we created ELITE MMA Referees and Judges! Go here to learn more.

Dana further says: "First of all, it affects guy's careers as far as legacies go. Jon Jones? Jon Jones should be undefeated right now but he's not; he's got a loss on his record and there's tons of guys in the UFC that have those. There's guys who have absolutely, clearly won fights and they have lost on the judges' scorecards."

Agreed Dana - and again, as you always say, if you don't want that to happen, "don't leave your fight in the hands of the judges." But NOT because they don't know what they're doing...but because judges can only call what they see. So if a fighter's back is to them, and his opponent is on top doing some ground and pound but those strikes are getting blocked...most likely the judge is going to give credit to the fighter on top. It's what he sees. You don't want that? Submit or KO your opponent.

"Nobody's perfect. There's always gonna be problems. But the judging and the reffing is so bad in mixed martial arts, it it it's...uhhhh it drives me crazy!!! The fans hate it too and it hurts the sport. These athletic commissions really need to tighten up and start working on educating their refs and judges."

Again - we agree that ref's and judges need to be better educated. If you're experienced in at least one or more of the martial arts that make up MMA, and you want to learn the basics of the Rules and Regulations of MMA, even if you don't want to get your Ref or Judge's license, go here to learn more. You can still take the online course and see what's required of ref's and judges!


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