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Time to Give MMA Referees some Credit!

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Gotta' go with fighter safety. A loss can be avenged. Brain damage cannot be reversed.



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Time to Give MMA Referees some Credit!

Cecil Peoples (image courtesy of his article entitled "Dana White rips MMA referees too" - Anthony Gannon, the Newark (NJ) MMA Examiner, says: "Refereeing is a thankless job. You’re blasted if you stop the fight too soon, and you’re blasted again if you wait too long. The difference between a quick stoppage and letting someone take a couple of unnecessary blows is a couple of seconds. Mistakes will be made."

How true - and certainly something we've written about in the past. Interestingly, however, he brings up a new idea. We tend to blame MMA refs for everything that goes wrong in a fight, right? So why don't we give them credit when things go right?

"If we’re to blame referees for everything that goes wrong in the cage then surely we must also praise them for all that goes right. Dana White is big on boasting of the UFC’s record for fighter safety. He loves to tell anyone who will listen that in the history of the UFC there’s never been a death or serious injury. That’s pretty amazing. But why is that? It’s not just because of the rules and regulations and weight divisions, all the things that the current owners, Zuffa, embraced when they bought the company in 2001. It’s also because of that third person in the cage solely responsible for fighter safety: the referee."

Makes sense to me, and a great point of view. Like Gannon says: "So let’s hold referees accountable, but let’s also give a little credit where it's due." Nice. 

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