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New Proposed MMA Judging System

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Old Score CardNew Proposed MMA Judging System

The current MMA Judging System is based on a ten point "must" system of scoring, with judging being based on aggression, cage control, damage, striking and grappling.  This proposal adjusts the current system, yet keeps it similar enough that it remains workable for our current judges.

Here is the proposal:

Keep the 10 points as part of the system, but award separate points for different categories.  

Similar or overlapping categories have been paired and narrowed down to just three categories: 1) Aggression and Cage Control would be considered one category worth 10 points; 2) Damage would be separated and a category of its own, worth 10 points; and 3) Striking and Grappling would be paired into a Combat category and worth 10 points.  

The judge would award 10 points to the winner of each category and 9 or less to the loser, for each round.


To further break down the system:

* If a fighter is caught in a submission and is saved by the bell it would come under damage.  
* If a fighter completely dominates his opponent and has him in serious trouble, it would come under damage if you wanted to award a 10-8 round, and the other categories scored would still be 10-9.  
* If you have a Striker versus a Grappler competing, whoever dominates the round is the one who is awarded the 10 Combat points.  
* Striker vs. Striker or Grappler against Grappler it is who was more effective that is awarded the 10 Combat points.

This is called the Aggression, Damage, and Combat System or ADC System of Judging:

These are the categories for judging boxes A=Aggression, D=Damage, and C=Combat (which covers any style of fighting). This system allows the judging boxes to include a reminder headline for scoring that simplifies the process while scoring each round. Here is an example of a scoring card:

Round 1 A D C Deductions Total
Red 10 9 10 0 29
Blue 9 10 9 0 28


Depending on the state, the totaling up of the score and point deductions can be left to the Scorekeeper or Commission representative and not the judges, which might help to ensure impartiality.

So what do you think of this proposed system? Does it have potential, or?? Please comment below!


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