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Time for some changes to the Unified Rules of MMA?

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Time for some changes to the Unified Rules of MMA?

Time for some changes to the Unified Rules?So according to ChadWilkins over at a forum post, "Whilst the sport of MMA is growing, there is an obvious trend occurring - the increasing dominance of wrestlers. Now that everyone knows about BJJ and Muay Thai, and since the better wrestler dictates where the fight takes place, we are getting the point where high level wrestlers can come in, learn some submission defense and a bit of striking, and essentially lay-and-pray their way to a boring decision. Now that the secrets are out, I think we will basically get to the point where the best fighters in the world are simply those with the best takedowns and top control. Sure, fighters can learn takedown defense, but a wrestler can keep shooting in and eventually get it to the ground, making for a fight nobody wants to see. This is nothing new - everyone here knows this theory.

The purpose of this thread is to discuss how the Unified MMA Rules should be changed to stop this trend and allow other fighters a better chance. Personally, I believe kicks and knees should be allowed on the ground. This would allow potential knockouts by knees to the head coming off the sprawl (see Vovchanchyn-Kerr 1), and potential knockouts by making some space and upkicking your opponent in the head when you're on the bottom (see Silva-Okami), making wrestlers think twice about the takedown and giving the guy on the bottom a better chance once they're there. I don't think this really gives any great offensive tools to wrestler (if they can knee the head from the top, they've done some grappling to get there anyway, and if they're stomping/soccer kicking then they're on their feet), and it more closely resembles "real" fighting anyway.

It might be problematic to get these new rules authorised by state athletic commissions, but I think it will give striking and grappling more relevance in MMA in the long run.

That's my two cents worth, thoughts? (I should note that I am aware I haven't come up with anything new to add, far from it, I just wanted to kick off another discussion)"

So what do you think?  Go here to put in your $.02 cents!

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