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Kent Maichle: My First Day on the Job as an MMA Ref

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Kent Maichle: My First Day on the Job as an MMA Ref!

Picture of Kent Maichle Courtesy of Adam Sandoval from Combat USA
Our first event in Wisconsin was a grand success. Combat USA went off without a hitch in Green Bay on 9/11. The organization had been conducting tournaments in 4 different weight classes through out the year, with the finals being held on the evening of our Milestone.

As if regulatory ground breaking was not enough, we supported a packed card with Amateur fights, a Professional Undercard, and then the potential of 4 5min round championship battles... Go big or go home right? :)

The role I played on this evening was that of Inspector where I helped to watch/inspect hand wraps in the blue locker room, monitor consumables, and validate that only approved materials were taken to the cage with a fighter and his team. In addition, I escorted the fighters to the cage side where a Wisconsin Dept of Regulations and Licensing (DRL) employee conducted final checks before the contest.

This was a sold out event with an extremely enthusiastic crowd. Best of all the regulations put in place by Wisconsin law makers helped to insure the integrity of the event, the safety of participants, and allowed the promotion to please the many fans in attendance (both in person and via Internet PPV).

Written by: Kent Maichle, MMA Referee. (Picture of Kent Maichle Courtesy of Adam Sandoval from Combat USA.) Read more information by Mr. Maichle here.

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