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Charles "Mask" Lewis -
"Do greatness -- leave average to the lazy.”

“I just want to mean something someday. Be more than someone who could have been, hopefully more than meets the eye, more than face paint, someone that will honestly make you proud.”

Referee Marc Wasem -
"Touch gloves, go back to your gloves. Uh, corners." – (giving the final instructions to Torres and Mizugaki)

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Steve Mazzagatti - “You need the balls to make the calls.”

Steve Mazzagatti

PRO MMA ( spoke in-depth with Steve Mazzagatti on August 3rd. After reading our conversation with Steve, hopes the next time you hear these four words, “Let’s hook em’ up,” you will look at this man just a little differently, maybe with just a bit more respect, a bit more appreciation.

Interestingly, one of the questions was as follows:

PRO MMA: Have you seen the online referee certification courses? What is your opinion about those?

STEVE MAZZAGATTI: Any training a referee can get is good. The more you do it the better you get. It’s like riding a bike. You never stop learning and trying to improve. Like I tell my kids; school never ends. You always need to be ready to learn.

I knew there was a reason to like Mazzagatti, besides the fact that he's a great ref and an all around nice guy! To read the whole interview, go here. Good job and kudos to Jack Bratcher of for this insightful interview!


MMA Referee: Toughest Job in MMA

According to Damon Martin of MMAWeekly, "Much has been said recently about fight stoppages that are either too quick or not soon enough and the recipient of the majority of the blame falls directly at the feet of the referee. Refereeing as a whole, whether the sport be mixed martial arts, boxing, football or whatever, is possibly the most thankless job in all of professional athletics. Recently, many of the referees in mixed martial arts have come under heat from fans and critics for the decisions they make, and very rarely to they receive much praise for this extremely difficult job.Want to ref MMA Fights? It's not an easy job!

The sport of mixed martial arts as a whole is still very much evolving. From the early days of the UFC when fights would go on until literally one man couldn’t take anymore to now where state athletic commissions like Nevada and New Jersey have put rules in place to protect the fighters and sanction these rules that the referees governing the match have to enforce.

For a sport that is only still in it’s infancy, the referees who are in charge of the fights haven’t had the years of watching and learning their trade like referees or umpires in some of the major sports. But for all the criticism that the mixed martial arts referee receives, it is they who protect the fighters from harm and are placed with the supreme power to decide when enough is enough in any fight."

"Referees in mixed martial arts have a clear cut responsibility and that is to keep the action legal and within the rules and also protect the fighters at all times and keep anyone from being seriously injured. Very rarely do the referees receive accolades for their great work and it is often when they are criticized for what others may call a questionable decision. In a full contact sport that moves very quickly it is hard to truly be mistake free, but the referees of mixed martial arts definitely have one of the toughest jobs in the entire industry." It's obvious Damon knows what he's talking about.

Funny how things never change, because believe it or not, this article was written back on Monday, November 07, 2005! To read this interesting and insightful article in its entirety, go here.


Dan Henderson - Did He Go too Far?

Dan Henderson is a legendary fighter. He's always struck me as a gentleman. During PRIDE he proved himself to be a worthy opponent, with superior ground skills, but with an incredible ability to fight an excellent stand up game – complete with deadly knock out power.

Henderson's always been known as a "nice guy" with a killer's instinct in the ring. Kinda' how it should be. His stint as a coach on TUF 9 confirmed him to be a nice person, and someone who is not quick to anger. That’s a good thing, because we all know the first rule of fighting is never to fight in anger (hahaha!)

Legendary fighter, a gentleman, not quick to anger…could it be all those were just misconceptions? For most people, Saturday night showed us a different side to Hendo – but did it really? I don’t think so. Let's get real - the man's a fighter. Up until now he has always exhibited good sportsmanship and has been an excellent example of what an MMA­fighter should be...and he proved just how superior a fighter he is to Michael "The Count-Him-Out" Bisping at UFC 100 Saturday night. Just into the 2nd round of their fight, Bisping was knocked out cold by one of Hendo's famous loaded right hands. Oh...and another one. I don't think he saw either one of them coming.

Yeah - I know he told Joe Rogan in the post-fight ring interview: "Normally, I'm not that way in fights. I know if the guy is out, I tend to stop. I knew I hit him out. I think that one was just to shut him up a bit." But watch the video above closely – you'll see he knocks Bisping out, and then goes down for the kill. He doesn't hesitate; he doesn't appear to be thinking about it -- instinct took over and he just did what a fighter's been taught to do...keep hitting until the ref calls it or the bell rings.

So when he said what he did, I think he was just playing to the crowd. Truly, we'll never know what was really in his mind, but I don't think he had time to think to himself: "hey - Bisping's out...look at him lying on the floor like that; I think I'll punch him again just to shut him up a bit!" and then proceed to do so. There just wasn't enough time for that much processing!

I don't like what Dan Henderson did at all; in my book it adds up to unsportsmanlike behavior - and anyone who knows me knows how I feel about that. And as much as I wanted him to kick Bisping's ass, no one should be pounded like that after already being knocked silly.

On a personal level I do understand where he was coming from however. People in my dojo...even my own son...think it's real funny to come up behind me and yell "boo" to see me turn around and get ready to belt them one. Usually my black belt training takes over, I control myself and keep from hitting them. But a few times, especially when I was really concentrating on something, someone's come up behind me, yelled BOO...and then found themselves in major pain or lying flat on the floor. Instinct. And that's just while training at the dojo, not while I was in the middle of a heated fight!

Given the bad blood between them (which was NOTHING when compared to the Tito/Shamrock crap - Hendo and Bisping were BFF's compared to those two) and Hendo's desire to kick him to the curb for going on and on and on...about absolutely nothing during the TUF 9 show, not to mention how much he gloated about the Brits kicking the asses of the U.S. team, he abused Henderson's fighters on many levels, and he acted more like "one of the guys" instead of a coach - so much so that Dan just wanted to shut him up.

Let's not forget it's the ref's job to call a fight -- which Yamasaki did as soon as he saw Michael Bisping was out, so he did his job. But should Henderson have noticed Bisping was out after he hit him with the big one, jumped in the air to then go down to give him another all in that split second...and stopped himself? Well, yeah. But he was already in the act of following through with his combo; then adrenaline and instinct took over. Dan Henderson did what he was trained to do, plain and simple. I don't like it, but I do understand it. And he HAS apologized for it, right?

Everything else aside - Bisping looked to be in pretty scary condition after the fight. Hope to see him up and talking again real soon!


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Ultimate travesty: Poor officiating places fighters at risk

This is a great article by Lyman Hoyt of Just another example of how NOT to referee.

How close did the ref need to get?

The referee stands idly by as Gilbert Yvel pummels an already unconcious Pedro Rizzo. Yvel has apologized to Rizzo for the late stoppage, though he has nothing to apologize for. Every fighter is taught to keep fighting until the referee stops the contest.

An apology should be forthcoming from the officials, the promoter and the Mississippi Athletic Commission. (Photo: Sherdog)

To read the complete article, please go HERE.

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