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Dana White Stuffs "The 'Stache" again!

Steve Mazagatti just can't seem to make Dana White happy. He stops a fight too soon; he stops a fight too late - and most of the time, at least according to Dana, it looks like he's just going over his grocery shopping list in his mind instead of paying attention to the fight. Is this guy ever going to give Steve a break?

Witness Dana's current Vlog:

In spite of the fact that Dana's doing everything in his power to rip Steve's referee job and income out from under his feet using a WWE-like body slam, at least he thinks Steve's a really, really nice guy. I'm sure that makes The Stache feel really, really good.


MMA Referee suspended for 90 days!

Photo courtesy of K-1 Fightclub

Fans of Japanese MMA will recognize the face and name of Nobuaki Kakuda - the "Big John McCarthy" of Japan.

In addition to being a K-1 fighter, Kakuda danced in the Japanese version of Dancing with the Stars, has starred in movies and television shows, he narrated and sang the ending theme for a movie, Kinnikuman Nisei, and in addition to being one of the most recognizable Japanese MMA ref's out there, he is known for his famous "first punch knockout win" over German 4-time cage combat World Champion Mavrick at 0:56 seconds in the K-1 Fields Europe GP 2005.

He is now also famous for being one of the first MMA referees to be suspended for endangering a fighter's life.

In October, Kakuda refereed the Kozo Takeda vs. Albert Kraus fight in Tokyo, Japan. If you've already seen the fight, you'll most likely agree that Kakuda's ref'ing at this K1 WORLD MAX 2009 event in October was less than stellar. And while it makes sense he was probably trying to give his fellow Japanese fighter the benefit of the doubt, it just wasn't pretty.

If you haven't seen the fight - check out the video above. Extremely painful to watch as Takeda was repeatedly knocked down, kneed, punched, and rocked silly - yet he continued to fight, because Kakuda did nothing to stop the onslaught. In fact, when the fight was stopped, Takeda had been wandering around the ring so slap-happy, I'm not sure he knew where he was.

The question here is: should Kakuda have been held totally responsible? Takeda could have taken action and, when asked numerous times by the ref if he was alright, said "NO"! Not saying Kakuda should be excused completely, but it's a thought. Takeda might not have taken that route because in Japanese society, such action may have been considered dishonorable.

In fact, for all we know, Takeda told Kakuda ahead of time to keep the fight going, no matter what. Kind of like Josh Koscheck did here: "As for next time, my message to all the ref’s would be to, please let the fight go until I’m put out to sleep."

This type of fiasco makes one wonder if perhaps a fighter's corner should be allowed to throw in the towel. New Jersey's new Amateur and Professional MMA Rules of Conduct are already allowing it and it just makes sense.

As you watch the video, you'll see Albert Kraus, the Dutch kickboxer and Takeda's opponent, show a tremendous amount of class. Good guy.

As a result of his (in)action, Kakuda was suspended for 90 days. I think MMA referees over here in the United States had better take notice.


Big John McCarthy to ref a Winnipeg fight

Per an article in the Winnipeg Free Press - PRINT EDITION, Big John McCarthy intends to "straighten some folks out" in Winnipeg!

Photo courtesy of This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Per Allan Besson of "McCarthy will be the third man in tonight's main event pitting heavyweights Rodrigo Munduruca of Winnipeg (via Rio de Janeiro) and Dan Christison of New Mexico. He'll also warm up by officiating a few of the 10 undercard bouts, including the welterweight (170 pounds) tilt between Dan Grandmaison and Claude Patrick, both out of Eastern Canada."

McCarthy also told Aporius that the belief some people have that MMA is brutal is a myth, saying: "In any combat sport, whether it is hockey, football, boxing, or MMA, if you take a great fighter and put him against someone who can't fight, that is brutality, because it is not competition."

And in all the online and in person discussions I've had about MMA, the skill used in MMA vs. other combat sports (like boxing), and what MMA really is all about, I'd never thought to equate MMA to something as simple tennis or poker. But Big John does, and quite well: "But when you take two people who are trained at what they do, and are pretty equal in skills, it is no difference if they are fighters in MMA, tennis players or poker players. Everyone who thinks they are the best wants to compete against another person to prove how good their skills are. That is what MMA is."

Well said.  To read the article in its entirety, go here.

Kudos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for some great info.

Ex-boxer becomes Wisconsin's boxing new commissioner

Wisconsin's Secretary of State, Celia Jackson, recently announced that Hector "Hands of Stone" Colon, the former boxer, will oversee the state Department of Regulation and Licensing which regulates boxing for the state.

A former top amateur boxer has been named as commissioner of boxing, Colon won the 147-pound title in the U.S. Championships in 1993 and competed on the U.S. National Boxing team with fighters including Oscar de la Hoya.

Known for his powerful knockout punch, in the '90s, Colon was considered the best amateur welterweight in the country.

Colon not only worked at the state Department of Workforce Development, the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority and the city of Milwaukee, but his most recent job was working for Jackson as an executive assistant.

According to a statement issued by regulation and licensing, "Colon has the perfect one-two combination for the position," including experience in both boxing and government.

The postion became open when Roxanne Petersen, a long-time department of regulation and licensing employeem retired earlier this year.

The commissioner oversees boxing matches along with two other agency employees. Among the duties are checking hand wraps and watching weigh-ins.

As Boxing Commissioner Colon will have the final say on any matters or decisions that need to be made regarding the sport. “I’m looking forward to working as the boxing commissioner to ensure the safe and competent practice of professional boxing in Wisconsin,” said Colon.

Sounds like the State of Wisconsin has picked the right person for this job.


UFC 104: Breaking down Machida vs. Rua

Machida vs Rua Controversary According to an article written by Eric Kamander of, "Yesterday I brought up the appearance of impropriety as the UFC's, and MMA's, single biggest obstacle. And specifically I was referring to this appearance as the result of inconsistent, or even faulty, officiating. As I mentioned it seems that after every event there is some controversy over the refereeing or judging. But how much of that is the fault of the officials, and how much is simply a matter of ambiguous rules. For now let's take a look at that some of the ambiguity that goes into judging for fans and officials alike."

He has an interesting and detailed chart of the strikes that landed during this very controversal fight - I think anyone who's interested in researching the truth behind the reasoning Judges Rosales, Peeples and Hamilton had for awarding this win to Lyoto Machida should read this article.

To read it in its entirety, go here: Breaking down Machida vs Rua


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