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MMA Officials trainingMMA is one of the fastest growing sports in not just our nation, but in the world. The lack of qualified referees, judges and cornermen/women have stretched the few good officials available, and most state athletic commissions are looking to Certify new officials. Elite MMA Referee Workshop helps prepare you to become certified by your state.

Ever wanted to Referee or Judge at an MMA Event? ELITE MMA Referees offers the ONLY online MMA Referee and MMA Judge's workshops available!

And if you need training in how to properly Corner your MMA fighters - we can help with that too!

Think about it: No travel costs. No waiting in lines at the airport. No hotel costs for a week of training. Get this GREAT DEAL right now - Sign up online to take the MMA Referee, Judge, or Cornering course(s) from the convenience of your home!

If you're ready to step into the ring and become an ELITE MMA Referee, MMA Judge, or part of your MMA fighter's Cornering team, we can help get you there!

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    Available courses

    MMA Cornering Workshop: This MMA Cornering Workshop, created and taught by experienced Cutman, David Maldonado, will include the following areas of focus and more: the job of a corner, tools of the trade, understanding related sport sciences, Cutmen differences and working that relationship.

    The cost to learn the right way to corner your MMA fighters is only $59.00!

    MMA Cornering Course
    Full MMA Referee Training Workshop: The lessons in this workshop are intended to help the student focus on making the transition to referee and to review the implications of the MMA Unified Rules of Conduct (MMAURC). After taking the ELITE MMA Referee and/or Judge's Workshop, in conjunction with your hands-on experience, you should be able to demonstrate the required knowledge and expertise to a licensing board.

    The cost for learning all this great information so you can become an MMA Ref is only $225.00!

    MMA Referee Course
    MMA Judge's Workshop: Don't complain about the MMA Judges - BECOME ONE! In this course, MMA Judging-Candidates will learn about the following:
    • Judge's Code of Conduct, Conflicts of Interest, dealing with the media, socializing with others at a venue, etc.;
    • The MMA Unified Rules of Conduct and other MMA regulations;
    • The martial arts systems that make up MMA;
    • Proper scoring and scoring issues;
    • How to deal with an unruly crowd;
    • The proper way to deal with a "hometown favorite”;
    • How to break down a five minute round;
    • Working with the referees.

    The cost for this awesome course is only $125.00!

    MMA Judges Course
    The first half of our MMA Referee Training Workshop. For this Workshop option, click on the "MMA Referee Training 1" link to get started! (NOTE: You should ONLY choose this option if you're splitting up your payments!)

    The cost for Part 1 of this Ref Workshop is only $115.00.

    MMA Referee Course - Part 1
    The second half of our MMA Referee Training Workshop. If you're ready to move on to Sections 6-10, then click on the "MMA Referee Training 2" link to complete your training. (NOTE: You should ONLY choose this option if you're splitting up your payments! This is the 2nd half of the MMA Referee Training Workshop.)

    The cost for this second half of the MMA Referee Workshop is only $115.00.

    MMA Referee Course - Part 2

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    Picture of Katrina Belcher
    Endorsement by Newly Certified Referee and ELITE MMA Referee: Kent Maichle!
    by Katrina Belcher - Friday, 29 September 2017, 6:37 AM

    Endorsement by Newly Certified Referee and ELITE MMA Referee: Kent Maichle!

    "Michael... wanted to give you an update on my journey and a big thanks for the knowledge you make available to people at a great price. Picture of Kent Maichle Courtesy of Adam Sandoval from Combat USA

    This year Wisconsin became the 43rd state to regulate MMA.  9/1 the regulations ...

    Read the rest of this topic
    (382 words)
    Picture of Katrina Belcher
    MMA Ref Cam
    by Katrina Belcher - Wednesday, 13 October 2010, 8:27 PM
    If you're interested in becoming an MMA ref - take a look at this 7.5 minute video. It's a really cool compilation of different fights, officiated by Gy Yannis. So you'll get to see the fights from a referee's perspective - DURING the fights! Enjoy!

    Picture of Katrina Belcher
    Not-So-Intelligent Defense - Save the Fighter, Kill the Sport
    by Katrina Belcher - Friday, 13 March 2009, 3:52 PM
    Based on my Article: "Knocked Out or Just Poor Ref'ing?" Nick Bailey from had the following responsive article:

    "Recently, our own Katrina Belcher put pen to proverbial paper in defense of referee Marc Goddard's stoppage of Josh Koscheck's fight with Paulo Thiago, giving Thiago a knockout victory. While her heart is in the right place, writing out of a love for the sport and the fighters involved, the conclusions she reached are dead wrong." Both my blog and Nick's garnered a heavy discussion and loads of comments.

    To read more Click here.

    Picture of Katrina Belcher
    Knocked Out or Just Poor Ref'ing?
    by Katrina Belcher - Friday, 13 March 2009, 3:45 PM
    Josh Koscheck - dazed and confused

    There’s been a lot of discussion about the referee stoppage in the Koscheck vs. Paulo Thiago fight during UFC 95. Seems to be pretty equal as far as I can tell: half believe it was a good call, the other half think it was early and Kos got robbed.

    “As for next time, my message to all the ref’s ...
    Read the rest of this topic
    (1197 words)
    Picture of Katrina Belcher
    Advertise or be a Sponsor on this site!
    by Katrina Belcher - Saturday, 7 March 2009, 2:02 PM

    If you're an advertiser or want to sponsor this site and let all the great people who visit us get to know you and your product or service, then EMAIL us HERE and tell us what you'd like to do. 

    Obviously spacing is limited, so if you're even just thinking about it, don't wait - contact us now!


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