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ELITE MMA Referees...for the safety of the fighters

Ever wanted to Referee or Judge at an MMA Event? ELITE MMA Referees offers the ONLY online MMA Referee and MMA Judge's workshops available!

Think about it: No travel costs. No waiting in lines at the airport. No hotel costs for a week of training. Get this GREAT DEAL right now - Sign up online to take the MMA Referee or Judge course from the convenience of your home!

MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in not just our nation, but in the world. The lack of qualified referees and judges has stretched the few good officials available, and most state athletic commissions are looking to Certify new officials. Elite MMA Referee Workshop helps prepare you to become certified by your state.

The Online Workshop ALSO includes "hands on" activities, in order to ensure students receive not just "book" knowledge, but live experience as well. If you do not
or have not trained in at least one (or more) of the martial arts systems
that make up MMA, this course is not for you!

The ELITE MMA Referee and Judge's courses include the following:
MMA Referee Online studying and review of the MMA Unified Rules and Regulations. 
MMA Referee 10 Referee and 11 Judge's "Sections" are included in the lessons.
MMA Referee A Hardcopy of the Workbooks may be downloaded and printed for use. 
MMA Referee A full glossary of MMA Terms and Techniques. 
MMA Referee 30 Videos of fighters performing real techniques, holds, submissions, and throws
MMA Referee Testing of the student on each Section via an end-of-unit Quiz. 
MMA Referee "Hands-on" testing of the student by a Master karate instructor or Certified Referee. 
MMA Referee Shadowing of Certified Referee or Judge. 
MMA Referee Testing of the student by having them ref or judge real fights; results must be submitted to the facilitator. 
MMA Referee A Final "100-Question" Exam (in both courses.)
MMA Referee GPA of 85% or better, required to pass the courses.

NOTE - NOT IN THE U.S.A.? MMA Referee If you're not in the U.S.A., and you want to at least learn the rules and regulations that make up the Unified MMA Rules, then this online Workshop is perfect for you! Help your country and its MMA fighters by working towards regulating MMA. When you take this course, it will help you learn what you need to know, so you can share the knowledge and information you've learned with your local country's athletic commissions. This will help to ensure the proper regulation of MMA in your country -- for the safety of the fighters!

Please note that no training program or sign off system can guarantee that the state licensure board will approve your application, and in fact we make no promise in that regard. However, we feel that after taking our Online MMA Referee or Judging course(s), you will find that it provides an outstanding and logically-structured training and development of your knowledge and skill factors, and that's what most states are looking for in their MMA Referees and Judges.

Our online courses have been designed to give students an overview and introduction to the laws, regulations, ethics and best practices of MMA. All MMA Referee and MMA Judging courses are intended to help students prepare and apply for licensing within their states. Please be sure to call or email with any questions.

If you're ready to step into the ring and become an ELITE MMA Referee or MMA Judge, we can help get you there!

Certificate of Completion

Want to earn one of these?
You have three options:

  1. To take the full MMA Referee Training Course ($225), go here to sign in and enroll.
  2. Split the MMA Referee course: start out with the first half of the MMA Referee Training Course ($115.00). When when you're ready, take the second half ($115.00). Easy on you...easier on the wallet! Go here to get started.
  3. Just take the MMA Judge's Course by going here - the cost is only $125.00 for this course!

Got Questions? Email us here.

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